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Monday, May 11, 2015

Equinox may be gone but the info from this blog keeps rockin'!

Stop asking me and just go visit this shop
at #249 Street 107. It is west of Monivong 
and just south of Yugoslav Blvd. Take a 
flashlight and a Khmer-English dictionary. 
It is a fun place to look around at least 
once during your stay in Phnom Penh.

My Favorite Junk Shop - Went from a world adventurer to a picker

Phnom Penh 2nd Hand Treasures

Yes, Equinox is gone and everyone thinks they can pick my brain for a cup of coffee. Not so! However, a common question I have heard 3,271 times in the past month is: "Where is the best place to get (insert item here that pertains to sound systems)?
Well, F-I-I-K!

Hmmm, wait., well, here it is! 

 Well, F-I-I-K! Yes, good audio gear is expensive but a lot of good stuff from Japan can be bought here second hand (or "dead left" in Jamaican patoi): "Business Name in Khmer Language" located at #249 Street 107, but if your looking for amps, eq's, small mixers, and speakers, it's worth stopping by here. WARNING: Japan country voltage is 100volts AC. Luckily it is easy to upgrade electronics to 220 volts AC. FYI, I am a consultant now, this blog entry is a freebie! Good luck- you'll need it!

And if your are S.O.L- contact me for consulting... if your missing live music in Phnom Penh, here's your chance to contain those blues... visit the Equinox Archives Online Museum today.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Not again- not going to buy the whole unit!

Text  to come soon.... or later.

At least the motors have been good 
after years and years of making cocktails.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

BANG - WTF - Small, small... SOL

This Is Cambodia (T.I.C.)

The Pchum Ben three day holiday in Cambodia was a great time to clean and check the PA system at Equinox. After 3 days of close inspection and hard work, I turned everything on to check. Two minutes after being switched on- BANG! and a puff of smoke came out of the Behringer SX3242FX sound mixer.
NSP1200 IC chip blown in the power supply.


No shop could repair , nor were replacement part available... I searched for a schematic diagram for an hour and finally found this...
SX3242FX Power Supply Schematic (Diagram A)

Voltage output (Diagram B)

All that was need was steady voltages of +5, +15, -15, aqnd +48 volts. Well, it was close enough to a desktop PC computer supply. I analyzed the circuits and the 15 volts is used to light up the LEDs. So I took the chance the LEDs would work with 20% less voltage. The +48 is for the microphone phantom power and I already had this.

Used Dell PC power supply I had.

Taking a computer power supply I soldered it  to the mixers power connector.

SX3242FX power connector from power supply.

Soldered the wires, see Diagram C below.
Input location on mixer circuit board.
I  checked the voltages, plugged it in and it worked.
I ran an extra wire for the +48 volts later and  
ground wire to the metal chassis.

I was very happy this worked.
I just have to install the board and ready for the next show at Equinox.

DIAGRAM C - click to enlarge

Special thanks to the band SONIC DETERGENT for the understanding and support while I figured this out.

Sunday, December 21st, 2014
UPDATE: The used Dell power supply I was using failed. So when using another power supply, I added connectors to make swapping units easier.